Monday, August 8, 2011

Bless our soles

We love our high heel shoes, but we can't always say we feel perfectly sturdy walking around in them. Especially when we're on our way to work and happen to come across  grassy patches, rocky roads, boardwalks, or other semi-treacherous terrain. We discovered SoleMates High Heelers, which help protect heels from wear and tear, as well as feet from potential ankle twists. Available in classic clear (shown here), classic black, classic silver or classic gold, this clever little invention is designed to be a chameleon that blends perfectly with any shoe colour. Now the next time we step out the door, or are off to a business meeting, we can take confident strides in our fancy footwear without concern of wobbling around, stumbling from a misstep, or accidentally face-planting onto the floor. Also great for brides and bridesmaids on wedding day!

$9.95 USD at

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  1. I actually just got these from my mom and plan to test them out soon! I'll let you know if it's a good buy or not!