Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Redefining "Having it All"

In Having it all depends on what ‘all’ means, Leah Eichler suggests there is room to broaden the definition of "all", a word that is equated to being successful. Eichler suggests a big key to success ("having it all") lies in reconciling your inner goals with the external markers of success. So, for some, a six-figure salary and a lofty job title may be the epitome of success while for others success may include such factors as a happy family life, giving back to society, and working in a job they truly enjoy.

The bottom line is that each woman needs to come up with her own definition of success so that yes, indeed we can "have it all".

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  1. I agree, it really does depend on how you measure your own success. I think women are moving away from "having it all" based on salary and job title. I'm a career gal, but I value what I do outside of work a lot more.