Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bashing the Ex-Boss is a Big No-No

Hmmm... so your last boss was a cow, a control freak, a downright psycho. Even if that were true, is this the kind of thing you want to spread around? Talking badly about your former employer does a disservice to you and no one else. And although you may not be under the watchful eye of your so-called boss from hell, you truly never know if your paths may cross again. Our advice? If you're going to say something bad about your ex-boss, don't say anything at all. Especially in a job interview (trust us, you'd be surprised by how candid interviewees can get about their former jobs).

Check out this quick video where Debbie Dimoff, former Vice President of Strategy at PMI Canada, offers some alternatives to ranting and raving about your former employer, as well as tips on how to handle some of the tough commonly-asked job interview questions.


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