Monday, August 3, 2009

A wife to sort out your life

Busy Woman Seeks Wife by Annie Sanders

We love finding books that are enjoyable for reading at the beach and Busy Woman Seeks Wife by Annie Sanders (Hachette Book Group) definitely falls into this category. Alex Hill is a woman with a high-powered job with little time on her hands to manage her home life. That seems to be okay when she's on her own but when her demanding mother has a bad fall that requires her to move in with Alex, she suddenly is in need of help. And not just a housekeeper who's going to cook and clean, but also someone who's going to be able to entertain her hard-to-please mum. A classified ad placed in the paper by her stay-at-home-mom gal pal leads to a caregiver named Ella who Alex's mum appears to be smitten with, but Alex is clueless as to why since she's never been at home to meet the domestic darling. This funny and light-hearted read will keep you entertained to the very end.


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