Monday, September 16, 2013

Mother Nature in a Bag

There's no better way to start the work day (or any day) than with a healthy and delicious breakfast. One of our have breakfast choices, granola with yogourt and fresh fruit, just got even tastier. Montreal-based La Fourmi Bionique are the "producers of granola with distinctive personality". They bake granola using local organic oats and then add orange petals, elderberries, currants, and other delicious botanics. And with names for their mixes such as Euphoric (granola with crunchy hazlenut praline, milk chocolate and natural marshmallow), Divine (granola with macadamia nuts, white chocolate pieces, and black elderberries), how could you possibly resist giving them a try? Our fave, the Aphrodisiac mix, has granola roasted with golden Quebec honey mixed with dark chocolate, roasted almonds, currants, and Siberian ginseng. The company also produces granola bars and fruit and medley mixes, so there's sure to be a granola snack to please everyone's tastebuds.

$5.50 (300g) and $12.50 (925g)
Order in bulk from or visit the site's store locator to find your nearest retailer


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