Monday, September 24, 2012

Delectable Investment

Here's a treat that's a must-have for the emergency snack stash at work - OMG's are mouthwatering clusters of chocolate and graham wafers mixed with diced almonds and crunchy toffee bits. Available in both milk and dark chocolate, these candies are the brainchild of the same guys who brought us Clodhoppers and they were even featured on reality show Dragon's Den. The outcome on the show? They successfully secured an investment and, OMG, are we glad they did.


  1. Those sound delicious. Will keep an eye out for some OMGs. :)

  2. Hello Canadian Career Gal...

    Thank you so much for the great review - we posted the link on our FB site - hope you are having an OMG Day!

    Yours truly


    1. Hi Chris,

      We're big fans of OMG's - they really are one of the yummiest snacks out there. Our advice: hide your stash from your co-workers ;)