Monday, June 18, 2012

Taking Care of Kitty's Business

Why is it that cat litter boxes look so ugly and archaic? We were on the prowl for one for our feline friend and were disappointed to find limited choices in this necessary product. We knew we wanted something clean and contemporary, yet fun but not too childish. After much searching, we discovered one we absolutely love—the Cats Rule Charlie Litter Box. With a cat head-shaped entry (super cute!), it's wide enough for kitty's easy access, and the high sides and back help to reduce spraying and litter scratching.  The covered litter box, with double-venting to allow for air flow, is also the perfect size to allow kitty to move around and dig inside the box to do her business. We also appreciate that it’s seam-free making it easy to clean and there's even a spot to house the litter scoop right in the back of the box. How purr-fect!

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  1. Oooh, I need one of those for Abbey! Moving to a new house and a bigger kitchen, but no place to keep the litter box hidden from view. One with a lid is perfect!