Monday, June 8, 2009

Choose cheese!

Chesse Straws by All The Best Fine Foods

Hmmm... what shall we have to satisfy our afternoon munchies at work? We've discovered the most pleasurable snack to curb our cravings! The oh-so-yummy Cheesestraws are just the savoury treat we like to nibble on before the clock strikes five. Handmade by Toronto-based specialty food company All The Best Fine Foods, the cheesestraws come in three delectable flavours: Herbed Chevre & Walnut, Sesame & Cheddar and our favourite, Lemon Cracked Pepper Reggiano. Keep a box of these crunchy, gourmet sticks stashed in your desk drawer--though we're willing to bet they won't last long in there! Makes for a fabulous party snack too.

$7.99; To find a retailer near you, go to

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