Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Collaborate and Flourish

There are few jobs these days that allow you to work in complete solitude. Even if you're a freelancer or are a small-business owner, there are still situations that call upon your skills to interact and work with others. Employees and companies can benefit greatly from collaboration and teamwork. As Alyson Schafer, one of our Gals We Admire, aptly put it: "There is enough work for all, and more work if you share your learning and resources, are open, and make opportunities for others. Hoarding work will kill you."

To reinforce the idea of teamwork, check out Can you keep a secret? Some companies wish you wouldn’t by Wallace Immen (originally published in The Globe and Mail on May 27, 2011). It's a great read for managers and employees alike on why the strength of your organization depends on an environment that encourages and rewards collaboration.


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